giovedì 29 maggio 2014

Comunicazioni da parte del Feuerstein Institute Commemorazione per il Prof. Feuerstein

Professor Reuven Tzvi Feuerstein,
 the man of belief and grace, the educator,
 the man who gave hope and helped so many to go beyond every barrier,
 has passed away but his spirit is present and his path continues. 
The belief and understanding that the human being has modifiability crosses nations and borders, the professor's method is being taught and implemented by teachers and educators in many countries. More and more people are assisted in professor Feuerstein's great belief and in the tools he developed.
Students, friends, partners for his belief and his way, and whoever asks to support the continuation of his doing are welcome to the memorial ceremony at the 30 days of his passing.
The ceremony will take place on Monday the second of June at the Osishkin hall in Binyaney Ha'uma, Jerusalem. At 18:30

venerdì 2 maggio 2014

Comunicato da parte del Feuerstein Institute

Dear friends,

The Feuerstein Institute is touched by your outpouring of condolences and support. Every message we have received has been shared with the Feuerstein family.

We wish to share with you the following two articles which appeared in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, remembering our founder, Professor Reuven Feuerstein (z"l), and honoring his noble work. The articles are by:

1) Jay Ruderman, president of the Ruderman Family Foundation and our partners in the Hazon Partnership and Marriage Preparation Program

2) Hannah Brown, parent of child who was treated at the Feuerstein Institute by Professor Feuerstein.

May his memory be blessed.